The AdM & MdM receives contributions from the participating organisms, representative bodies and countries. The projects and activities are funded by ad hoc co-financing.

In the preliminary phase:


The Regione Campania will underwrite operations by means of:

·         a contribution for ordinary administration on an annual basis

·         financing of the Integrated MdM Project. 


With a Delibera n.5762 del 28.11.2000 the Regione Campania has undertaken to carry out an Integrated Project as part of the POR Campania 2000-2006 which will see:

·         completion of bureaux in Campania;

·         cofinancing of the portal “” and the agency “Mednetwork”;

·         cofinancing the Action Plans.



As part of its active support and promotion of the process of Barcellona the Italian Parliament has approved a law supporting the creation of the AdM & MdM, including an annual contribution for the period 2003/2006 to complete the Integrated Project undertaken by the Regione Campania.



The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, partly anticipating the Italian semester of Presidency of the European Union, upholds the aims of the Conferenza di  Barcellona and the guidelines of the Conferenza di Valenza, fostering through the Accademia del Mediterraneo and Maison de la Méditerranée, the constitution of an infrastructure at the national level  to support Euromediterranean partnership.