The consolidation and autonomisation of the peripheric organizational components of AdM & MdM is seen as a key to success, for they keep active a relational space which enables the organisms of civic society, and hence the countries, to come together in pursuing shared objectives.


The relational structures set up thus far by the Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo (FLM) can constitute, thanks to AdM & MdM,  an instrument for launching new projects in the pursuit of authentic partnership.  In fact the distinctive “resistance” put up by countries and regions of the Mediterranean in the face of indiscriminate homologation with the Western paradigms of modernity and globalization cutting across all ethic boundaries, constitutes the key to aggregation and solidarity, in stark contrast with an integration based merely on interests.

By founding its associative proposal squarely on the mutual recognition of belonging to Euromediterranean culture, a common trait that supersedes any other connotation – whether political allegiance, religious faith, or indeed the institutional rank of the associates – the AdM & MdM guarantees its partners an underlying confidence in the possibility of building  a common, universally acceptable future for the Euromediterranean area. The consequence is a relational space which is first and foremost  cultural, ethical and reciprocal in character.


As this space expands, with the mutual recognition of innumerable entities through the associative dynamic of AdM & MdM, based on the continuous generation of new projects, the principle of operating in active defence of Euromediterranean culture is asserted. This will permit the discovery and enhancement of common elements which break down the barriers, prejudices and conflicts which are all too prevalent in the Mediterranean region.

The perception of this potential is the key to the aggregation of AdM & MdM and the other autonomous sections of the FLM. Together they form a single subject, offering a space for  “reflection and planning” in the interests of an evolutive, political, social and economic process, mantaining as a fixed reference point the cultural identity of the Mediterranean peoples. Not of course in the sense of passive and rigid conservation, but pursuing an intelligent and universally recognised re-shaping of that identity.


The Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo – prime mover of AdM & MdM – has thus far been characterised as the organizer of an important cultural and scientific infrastructure: it is obvious that the methodological potential of the combination “identity-action” can be extended to all spheres of the Euromediterranean context, introducing elements that can render markets more dynamic and accelerate the achievement of genuine free trade.


The activity of AdM & MdM is based on the desire to add to the existing relational network a new “operational dimension”. 

The Maison de la Méditerranée promotes the principle of ethical solidarity and seeks to identify areas of convergence, at least for some sectorial topics of common economic, social and cultural interest. In particular those related to the institutional duties of the members, including for example:


§         realization and management of infrastructures in the sectors of the environment  and  other urban  utilities;

§         organization of large-scale training schemes;

§         provision of health services and social protection;

§         enhancement of the cultural heritage;

§         promotion of tourism.