The Accademia del Mediterraneo e Maison de la Méditerranée is a functional organ with the following missions:

·         Representation of the institutions and organisms participating in the relational network of AdM & MdM;

·         Orientation, organization and supervision of the operative processes of common interest in the spheres of culture, science and economic and social transformation;

·         Management of communications across the relational network: assemblies and suchlike, but also, for internal communications, the “On-line Parliament of Euromediterranean partnership” (supporting discussion and decsion-making procedures) and, for external and social communications, the Portal “”and the multimedia agency for information in the Mediterranean “MEDNETWORK”;

·         Formalisation of the documentation and proceedings which, for subjects pertinent to the MdM, must be submitted for adoption and deliberation to the plenary sessions of the Euromediterranean relational network.


The presidency of AdM & MdM and its Bureau of Institutional Coordination are located in the central headquarters in Napoli, Via Depretis 130.


The offices of representation of the associated institutions and technical centres are located in Napoli, Benevento, Caserta and other places in the Regione Campania.


The outlying offices covering the major geographical areas are located in Marrakech, Amman, Siviglia, Skopje and other Euromediterranean countries.