The Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo (F.L.M.) is the prime mover of the AdM & MdM: it has adopted the aims of the process of Barcellona and stipulated specific protocols of agreement to recognise the indications given by its constituent institutional organisms.

This mission is realised both in the initiatives undertaken by the FLM to further the aims of Euromediterranean partnership and in the network of countries, communities, institutions and organisms which it has set up to this end throughout the Euromediterranean area.

Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo is a non-profit organisation legally recognised by the Regional Council of Campania with resolution n. 11315 dated 25/3/97, and by the Ministry for Arts and Culture with resolution dated 20/4/99 and issued on the G.U. n. 113 dated 17/5/99. The Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo is recognised “Ente culturale di Rilievo” with resolution n. 2228 dated 18/5/99 by the Regional Council of Campania.