Civic society organisations met in Valencia due to the chronological proximity of the next Mediterranean Summit  Meeting.

In the spirit of the Barcelona conference renewed in Marseille in 2000 and Brussels in 2001, we here at the Civil Forum of Valencia, call on the authorities with the following conclusions:

1. Refuse the stigma associated with immigration, and in particular, associations with delinquency and terrorism as a consequence or under the shelter of the strategy deployed following the events of September 11th, which had a negative influence on migratory politics by shifting the priority on the European political agenda to reducing them to police questioning at frontiers and in cities both internal and international.

2. Demand the respect of the basic principal of equality of rights for immigrants whatever their nationality, culture, religion, gender, ensuring non-discrimination and respect of fundamental rights.

3. The need for recognition of open citizenship in the framework of the 27 States that met in the Barcelona conference.


The Euromed Civil Forum in Valencia, taking note of the current status of development put in hand since the conclusions reached in Brussels concerning the application of the immigration REM declare:



1. The participants ratify the need to put in place the creation of this network.

2. They advise continuing with the necessary efforts for activating the goals decided during the forum in Brussels.

> Coordinate the civic organisations of the 27 member countries of the PEM which act in the framework of immigration.

> Influence the orientation of the PEM in terms of managing immigration.

> Let the reality of immigration in the Mediterranean be open to public opinion as well as to principals of the Euromed process.

3. The participants in the Euromed civic forum consider as a goal activating the REM, with a more complete knowledge of the reality of information in the Euromed area, and a bigger effort in the elaboration of communal actions (creation of an information network which employs new technologies.)