Med Pride Kick-off meeting  

Location: Sviluppo Italia premises, Via Calabria, 46, Rome, Italy



28 October 2002

10.00 AM

Welcome from Sviluppo Italia: Roberto Saliola in charge of International projects Dept, introduction of the Project Team.

10.15 AM

Brief introduction from the Med Pride partners (15 minutes each partner)

Sviluppo Italia: Mr Roberto Saliola

Ekkotek, Cyprus: Dr Yiannis Laouris

SFD, Egypt: Mr Amr Abou Elazm

CIES, Italy: Pr. Donatella Viola

Custodia, Italy: Dr. Luca Mannarino

11.30 AM

Coffee break

11.45 AM

Brief introduction from the Med Pride partners (15 minutes each partner)

Laboratorio Mediterraneo, Italy: Ar. Michele Capasso

MTGC, Lebanon: Mr. Medhat Younes

Foundation for International Studies, Malta: Mr. Leslie Agius

Universitè Cady Ayyad, Morocco: Pr. Mohamed KNIDIRI

Palestinian Fed.of Industries, Palestine:Mr. Odeh Al Zaghmouri

API, Tunisia: Mr. Khelil LAJIMI

Oxford Innovation, UK: Dr. George Blumberg

1.30 PM

Lunch break (buffet at Sviluppoitalia premises)

2.30 PM

Sviluppo Italia, Mrs Simona Cigliano: brief introduction of the project and presentation of SI role and responsibilities within the project.

3.00 PM

Oxford Innovation, Dr. George Blumberg.

3.30 PM

Custodia, Dr. Walter Gatti

4.00 PM

Coffee break

4.15 PM

CIES, Pr. Donatella Viola.

4.45 PM

Laboratorio Mediterraneo, Ar. Michele Capasso.

5.15 PM

Next months planning, activities and targets


The meeting is foreseen to end at 6.00 pm.

8.30 PM: Welcome dinner (details will be given at the end of the meeting)



29 October 2002

9.30 AM

Sviluppo Italia, Mrs Simona Cigliano: introduction to the contract draft.


Mazars&Guérard, Dr Cristina Manunta: presentation of the auditing procedures

11.00 AM

Coffee break

11.15 AM

Continuation of Mazars&Guérard: discussion and feedback from partners.

1.00 PM

Sviluppo Italia, Mrs Simona Cigliano: Closure of the meeting